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Pushing innovation toward a clean energy future is critical to all we do. We at LA Solar Map believe that by employing renewable energy, we can improve the electrification of our society, drive sustainable urban growth, and provide long-term career opportunities.

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LA Solar Map specializes in identifying solutions that will effectively power your property now, allowing you to cut down on expenses and spend less, not only today but in the future as well.

Solar Installation Mounting

Solar panel mounting is one essential component of your solar panel installation. There are numerous options available for what you require, regardless of your roof design or system requirements.

Solar Panel Installation Process

LA Solar Map makes every effort to ensure a speedy, simple, and high-quality solar panel installation process.

Power Inverter For Solar Panels

Solar inverters are an integral part of a solar installation system. Its job is to properly convert the DC electricity generated from the photovoltaic panels into AC electricity, which is what appliances in your house require.

Monitor Solar Panel Output

Initially, homeowners installed solar panels but obtained no information on how the setup was performing. The system’s solar inverter may have a read-out of power production, but more information remained hard to obtain.

Solar Panel Roofing Tile

Solar shingles are a type of residential roofing that transforms sunlight into useful electricity. Using solar shingles enables you to have a roof that serves two purposes: it generates clean energy and adds aesthetic value to your house, workplace, or other structures.

Smart Home Solar System

LA Solar Map’s solar monitoring software puts the control on the tip of your finger, keeping you informed about your solar energy installation at all times. It gives consumers the power to manage, monitor, and assign specific duties to their equipment.


We offer solar and storage solutions to home and commercial customers in and around Los Angeles.

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