What are the advantages of going solar?

Reduced power bills, predictable energy expenses, increased house value, and cooler attics during summertime are just a few of the key benefits of going solar.

Will solar power meet my entire energy needs?

While your solar panel will do the real work during the day, there may be instances when you need to use the grid as a reserve. As a result, staying connected to the grid is critical for ensuring that your property can rely on power regardless of the circumstances.

Can I enhance my solar system with batteries?

While batteries are not always a practical alternative, we usually recommend battery-compatible equipment. This allows you to simply add battery storage to your existing setup in the future rather than replacing it and starting over.

Can LA Solar Map assist me with any other aspect of my energy consumption or expenditure?

We surely can! As a full-service energy management company, we specialize not only in delivering superior solar systems but also in energy management services that reduce the cost of your grid electricity consumption.