Solar panel mounting is one essential component of your solar panel installation. There are numerous options available for what you require, regardless of your roof design or system requirements.

However, finding meaningful information about solar panel racking and installation solutions remains difficult. Luckily, our solar installation will know the best solution for making the most of your solar installation.

Mounts and racking generally account for approximately 10% of the overall price of a standard solar power installation. Obviously, the cost will be determined by the type of racking used, the number of equipment required, and the personnel fees for installation.

And, regardless of which option you choose, every solar racking and mounting equipment must adhere to strict requirements to ensure endurance and structural support in the face of severe storms and hurricanes.


Roof Attachments

Roof attachments are the bolts that will be inserted into your roofing to hold the racking arrangement. The holes made by these drills will be enclosed with ‘flashing,’ which is a thick plastic shield fitted between tiles to keep water out.

Module Clamps

The drilled-in roof attachments are secured to the mounting rails by the module clamps. Each corner and point of the solar array need some sort of module clamp.

Mounting Rails

Although rail-free racking is a possibility, rails are by far the most commonly employed since they can be fastened to most roofing inclinations. Another factor is that many installers have been trained to use rail mounting solutions.

While many producers create solar panel mounts, only a few stand out when it comes to performance. You can’t go wrong with names like IronRidge and Quick Mount, but our specialist will also make recommendations depending on your specific needs.

Please contact us by phone, email, or by completing the online form. You can be confident that we will address any difficulties relating to the essential parts of the solar array.