LA Solar Map makes every effort to ensure a speedy, simple, and high-quality solar panel installation process.

To begin, your installation will be heavily influenced by the timetable related to the essential approvals, which are addressed in-house by our staff. This phase can take months for larger installations. For residential locations, the usual timeline is about a couple of months.

Our project manager will keep you informed of the expected time frame and stages. The next step will be to schedule installation to meet your requirements and specifications.

1. Survey and measurements

The first step is to conduct a survey and measure the data. Our specialists will visit your home to assess the electrical condition of your home and ensure that everything is suitable for your future PV installation.

During their visit, the expert will inspect your roof to verify that it is structurally safe. They will also inspect your electrical panel to determine whether it needs to be upgraded.

If your system is too old, it is possible that the control panel will need to be replaced or updated. Additionally, our specialists can take photos of the property and perform their own readings of the building.

2. Choosing the panels and inverters

You should have settled on the equipment for your system by this time. However, reviewing your equipment selections will make you feel more informed about the purchasing and shipment stages of the installation procedure.

Our technician will most likely suggest a certain brand for each installation and will also provide a few alternatives. Most people will consider the different manufacturers based on durability, efficiency, and appearance.

Once the equipment purchasing process is complete, your site is added to our technician’s queue. The time it takes to install will be determined by the number of projects on the list.

3. The Installation Day

The ultimate installation is a thrilling day for any solar user who prefers to use renewable energy rather than rely on a utility provider. The installation will take between one to three days, depending on the scale of the installation.

The process begins with carefully preparing your roof and attaching the roof tiles. Then we will install electrical wire to integrate your electrical panel to the grid power supply.

Following that, we will install racking to secure the panels. Once the racking is balanced and successfully attached, the panels are positioned onto it. Lastly, your inverters are linked to the panels, and you can power your home with green energy!

4. Inspection and Approval

Without a doubt, we will not leave your property until we have ensured that everything is in working order. We will validate that the power wiring was done right, that the mounting was securely attached, and that the entire installation complies with standard electrical and roof design requirements.

Following this inspection, you will be qualified for approved grid interconnection. A technician from the energy company will come by to complete a final assessment of the solar array. The representative will indeed approve the installation as long as there are no significant challenges.