Solar shingles are a type of residential roofing that transforms sunlight into useful electricity. Using solar shingles enables you to have a roof that serves two purposes: it generates clean energy and adds aesthetic value to your house, workplace, or other structures.

These tiles are constructed of photovoltaic cells, which are often made from semiconductor elements such as monocrystalline silicon as well as selenide. Additionally, because they are fairly thin, they have better flexibility and are lighter.

One quality of solar roof tiles that many people are unaware of is their durability. Despite being composed of silicon, these tiles are far more robust than some other types of roofing tiles.

In a nutshell, they are strong. These tiles might resist up to three times the stress as standard roofing tiles. Also, they can withstand hurricane-force winds and have a class-3 hail classification.

Solar panel roofing tile is the perfect answer for those instances in which a roof renewal is considered necessary. Moreover, unlike traditional solar panels, there will be no weak points on the roof due to roof penetrations, and there will be no aesthetic obstacles.

In general, the cost of installing solar shingles ranges from $20,000 to $70,000. Even so, the cost of installing solar shingles on your roof will be determined by your energy demand, the condition and condition of your roofing, the solar shingle maker, and other considerations.

Unfortunately, because the product is still in its early stages, there are fewer options to pick from. Furthermore, there are only a few companies that provide solar shingle installation right now, but you can easily find them through LA Solar Map.

If you believe that solar roofing tiles are worth the time and money, please contact us at LA Solar Map and we will help you evaluate what is suitable for you. We will walk you through every process and fix everything up for you.