Home Backup Battery Systems

Batteries significantly improve the efficiency of a solar energy system. It accomplishes this by allowing customers to store and use clean solar energy not only when the sun is shining, but also around the clock.

With the addition of batteries, the solar array might provide more of our home’s overall electrical needs. This reduces our utility expenses while also lowering our carbon footprint.

In fact, the primary reason homeowners choose to install a residential solar battery backup solution is for peace of mind. Knowing that our home is safe from power outages, no matter what life throws at us, helps you sleep better.

Why do you need a home backup battery system?

When you go solar, you will be generating your own sustainable, renewable electricity for your home. And, when the panels catch too much electricity for your home during peak sunlight hours, the remainder of the energy is wasted.

This is a dilemma, particularly for people who use more energy at night. What is the answer? Yes, a solar home backup battery system.

Solar batteries are an excellent purchase. An energy storage system not only keeps your home electrified at night but also keeps your home functioning during a power outage.

The path to energy independence

Being connected to the grid can be advantageous for something like Net Metering, in which utility providers credit your balance for any excess energy produced by your modules. This would save you money on future electricity costs.

But, when the electricity goes out, your house, like everyone else’s on your block, goes dark. You will be unable to use any electricity generated by your solar panels.

If you have a residential solar battery backup installation, the extra energy will be saved in the battery and used later. So, as the sun sets later in the day, instead of needing to depend on the power grid, you may still use green solar energy.

Are you ready for home solar battery backup? LA Solar Map consultants are educated to assist you in making the best selection for you, your home’s energy demands, and your budget.