In-Roof Solar Energy System

In-roof solar panels offer the advantage of being more aesthetically pleasing to look at. They are installed into the roof and blend in, appearing as an integral component of the structure rather than an addition that causes visual obstruction.

In contrast to on-roof solar panels, which are attached to the surface of your roof structure, integrated solar cells are fitted beneath the roof tiles. This allows the solar panels to be incorporated into your roofing framework, which is preferable when building a new home or replacing an existing roof.

Considerations for system design and selection

The first decision is whether to employ a full solar roof installation or a scheme in which the solar shingles cover only a portion of the roof. The whole solar roof looks wonderful, but it is often more expensive than a partial roof system.

This system can be built with either panels or PV slates. To minimize the scale of the solar system, ‘dummy panels’ may be required. And it is important to note that a complete solar roof is typically only placed on a favorable elevation.

However, if the design only covers a portion of the roof, it may take longer to install. It will be necessary to ’tile’ around the solar shingles as well as the junction between the tiles. This ensures that the panels are as level as possible with the adjacent roof tiles.

How much do rooftop solar panels cost?

Although integrated solar panels are slightly more expensive than on-roof ones, prices can be minimized if the setup is completed as part of new construction. So, if you’re planning a major renovation work on your current or future house, this solar alternative might be worth considering.

LA Solar Map offers high-quality solar roofing solutions constructed with materials from industry leaders such as Shingle Master, CertainTeed, and GAF. You can simply install solar panels on the roof or integrate them with the entire roof for a clean finish. 

A federal tax credit is also available for roof work required for solar installation. Regarding income tax credit status, please consult your tax advisor.