Installing Home EV Charger

With over 80% of EV owners charging their vehicles at home, having a home charging point is clearly worthwhile! A home charging point, like a daily trip to a public charging station, simply involves recharging your vehicle from the convenience of your own property.

People have been topping up the battery life of their EVs by using the slow charger that came with the vehicle. This system draws power from your household supply via a regular 3-pin socket.

Others, on the other hand, prefer to put a wall charging station in their garage. This freestanding EV charger is hardwired into your home’s power source.

Unfortunately, charging your EV with a regular 3-pin socket might take up to 24 hours. Meanwhile, a home charging point can provide faster charging times while being safe and dependable.

Another reason why people prefer a home charging point is the availability of different models. This includes rapid charging units and smart features that can be remotely configured to recharge your electric vehicle at specific periods.


The key advantages of a home charging station

To begin with, home EV chargers charge far faster than normal public chargers! A Level 2 charger normally takes 4 to 6 hours to completely fill an electric car, so you can just leave your car hooked in overnight while you rest and wake up to a fully-loaded vehicle!

More importantly, having a home charging station allows you to enjoy inexpensive charging. With the freedom to charge whenever you want, you can recharge your car during less expensive off-peak periods.

Setting up a home charging station

A Level 1 device is pretty simple and easy to set up if you’re hooking it into a conventional power outlet. Your only issue is positioning the wall piece near a power outlet and mounting it to the wall.

Level 2 systems can be far more complicated. Level 2 chargers that are hardwired require the assistance of an electrician to connect the outlet to your home’s main service panel. This task is best left to a skilled electrician who is familiar with current codes and can complete the job safely.