Solar Maintenance Services

While a solar energy system is an important financial commitment, appropriate maintenance and repair may ensure your solar panels provide consistent, clean power for a long time.

However, because solar panels are often put on a roof, entail powerful electrical currents, use complicated technology, and require costly pieces of equipment, having your solar energy system maintained is best left to the pros.

How often do solar energy systems require maintenance?

Solar PV power systems are extremely reliable since they have no moving parts. They can also give a trouble-free performance for several decades if properly maintained and serviced.

Having said that, it’s a good idea to perform a yearly inspection of your solar power system. This is to ensure that everything is working properly, to get your panels polished for optimum efficiency, and to spot problems before they become more significant.

A thorough panel cleaning is one of the most common preventative maintenance requirements. You don’t want dirt to interrupt the sun’s radiation and lower your energy output, do you?

Luckily, rain tends to keep panels clean. However, if the rain hasn’t swept away the debris from your modules, they’ll need to be cleaned manually.

Full solar cleaning once per year should be sufficient to ensure peak performance. In other cases, however, more periodical solar cleanings may be necessary.

Solar inverters are another piece of equipment in your PV power setup that requires more frequent maintenance.

They are the most complicated and vital component of the system, yet they have a shorter survival time than the others. As a result, it’s a good idea to perform a yearly inspection of all equipment to spot any potential flaws before they become major concerns.

How can I know if my solar installation requires maintenance?

If you feel that your solar installation requires maintenance, a great way to start is by measuring its energy output. Begin by calculating how much solar electricity your home received in the same period last year, and then compare that figure to the current output.

Another option to gain more knowledge is to examine your electricity statement. If the quantity of power you use from the grid has changed significantly, it may be time to contact a professional solar cleaning service.