LA Solar Map’s solar monitoring software puts the control on the tip of your finger, keeping you informed about your solar energy installation at all times.

It gives consumers the power to manage, monitor, and assign specific duties to their equipment. This flexibility enables you to tailor your home’s power usage no matter where you are, therefore lowering your energy bills and environmental footprint.

Customers of LA Solar Map can use this app to learn about project information, as well as submit load paperwork, and track project development. Not to mention, the consumer would also be able to examine the energy production of their system once it has been deployed.

After you’ve ordered your solar power system, you’ll be asked to make a Smart Home Solar profile. Within the app, you can quickly submit documents, assess your project, and check the order details.

This application is your one-stop destination for system upkeep, monitoring, and assistance. This app allows you to view forecasts, track solar power production, request repair or maintenance, give suggestions, and update your account.

The app’s Dashboard section is your path to energy savings. Here you can see how much clean power your system generates per day, week, or month. The displayed chart allows you to easily see variances, track statistics, and measure the progress of your solar installation.

You might ask, however, “Why is there a weather report inside the Smart Home App?”. Well, this is because the weather can have a considerable impact on electricity generation, which is vital to assess when monitoring the condition of your solar panel system.

You may also contact our team by selecting the Support button at the bottom of the screen. We respond to requests during business hours and will go above and beyond to resolve any issues as soon as possible.